Mafia State

Series Logline: 

A modern Irish Mafia Family fights to keep control of the state of Florida, which they have turned into a "Mafia State" to restore power back to the people, their enemies must become allies.

Pilot Logline: 

The head of a modern Irish crime family struggles to save his empire by pushing through a highway construction project but finds opposition from the defiant Governor, who has his own agenda, saving his own soul. 

Marketable Traits: 

Written for a broad audience by a woman, naturally multi-cultural, and has three powerful female characters. It’s a fresh modern-day spin on organized crime, which has fascinated people for generations.

Genre / Format Type: 

Present Time / Drama / One-Hour / TV Series / Network, Cable, or Streaming


Similar TV Shows: 

McMafia, The Sopranos, Godfather, and House of Cards.

The TV series pilot script and a full bible 

with an executive summary, character bios, and 10 episodes outlined are available upon request.

What Makes It Unique:

The world is in a modern-day setting about syndicated crime organizes.


The Theme of the TV series is about loyalty. Loyalty to the Mooney Family is everything since the consequences are life-altering. Choices are complicated when it's between the crime family and your own immediate family. Loyalty can't exist with "kleptocracy", which means "rules by thieves," and as they say, "there’s no loyalty amongst thieves”.

Character Series Overview: 

The head of the Mooney family is KEN MOONEY, a Catholic hot-headed Irish immigrant. His daughter VICKY HUGHES a lawyer who uses her sexuality to seduce men becomes head of the Irish mafia family when Ken passes away later in the series.


Vicky and her husband, ART HUGHES, the family attorney, concision isn’t bothered when he plays the defender, the prosecutor, and the judge all at the same time to get what he wants. When Ken passes away, Art assumes that it means that he has become the head of the Family and not his wife.


Greedy fat-cat Senator SAM DICKINSON, Art’s best friend, who is the most powerful man in the Family, from a political stance, wants his son, DON DICKINSON, to become head of the Mooney Family. However, Don, a wildcard, becomes torn between two worlds after attending law school.


Governor PHIL EARL has played along, using his influence with the Family for thirty years to get elected as Governor. Now that he’s made it, he wants to redeem his soul and keep his campaign promises to the voters and views it as an opportunity to make real changes, which means going against the Mooney Family. Lieutenant Governor ETTORE PARRINO, Phil’s best friend, supports every step of the way, but their choices come at a steep price.


Attorney General JAN DANIEL and Superior Court Judge KIRK JACOBS conspire to take over Sam’s status as the political head of the Family. They are always eager to grant the family favors, and those favors are adding up, which may provide them with the perfect leverage to advance both of their careers. If loyalty actually existed within the Mooney Family.


WARD MOONEY, Ken’s son, a street-smart general contractor, will do anything for his father and the family. He employs a lot of ex-convicts, illegal aliens, pretty much anyone he can use to do the family's dirty deeds, which may end him up in jail or worse.


Senator MICHAEL MORENO is the head of the rival Mexican Cartel family. Since Sam and Michael are both Florida Senators, the rivalry between the families spills over into the world of politics. However, to profit from their positions of power, they have to work together at times.


TAMMY OSMOND, the owner of the Florida Times Newspaper and RYAN WELLS, a powerhouse reporter who has made a name for himself, investigates the questionable activities of the Mooney Family. However, they know they can’t fight them head-on because the only way you can destroy this kind of an enemy is from within.

Pilot Synopsis:

Ken Mooney, the head of the Mooney crime family, and Senator Sam Dickinson conspire to sell the land that the family’s been buying for years to the state and get the contract to build awarded to Ward Mooney, Ken Mooney’s son, who is a general contractor.


Governor Phil Earl and Lieutenant Governor ETTORE PARRINO panic to try and find the funding, but Phil wants to keep his campaign promise to fund education and use that as a tool to get re-elected next year.


The Family explores all options to solve their cash-flow problems until the highway project comes through. Senator Dickinson gets a new customer, which could bring in some serious cash, but the family is concerned that doing business with him could start a drug turf war. Despite that, they bring in a shipment of one hundred pounds of drugs, which equates to ten million dollars, and deliver it.


JACKIE MOONEY, Ken’s wife, purchases four more foreclosed homes, and it will take at least ninety days to flip them. VICKY MOONEY, Ken’s daughter, gets a lead on a lavish property that they could make a fortune on if they build condos on the property.


ART HUGHES, Ken’s son-in-law, and family’s attorney play golf with a land developer. In a roundabout way, he threatens him to get the bid awarded to Ken and Ward, so he won’t have to lay off their men.


The pressure from Sam doesn’t work, and Phil passes the budget without the diverting of the funds. In a press conference, Phil calls for the end of organized crime and the era of being governed by “kleptocracy”, which means “rules by thieves”.


Ken is furious and calls for a vote, which is cast in the Irish family way. Everyone raises their glass, and if you agree, you say, “May the cat destroy your enemies, and the devil eats them both”. They all agree. Sam calls in a hit on Governor Earl but ends up killing his wife, instead, in a boat accident. A new enemy of the family is created.

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