Shane and Ivy: We're Eloping to Vegas


After convincing his fiancé to elope to Vegas, a would-be groom gets more than he bargained for as he’s forced to deal with meddling in-laws and his bride’s obsession with Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle.


This broad market appeal story is written by a woman, co-stars a woman with several strong roles for women, and is naturally multi-cultural.


Feature | PG-13 Comedy / Rom-Com | Young Adult Coming-Of-Age

Comparable Films:

The Hangover, American Wedding, Due Date, Meet the Fockers, Meet the Parents


The story is about what happens when a couple decides to elope to escape family traditions. The couple encounters a series of “neon signs” telling them this is all wrong, to go home and work it out with your family. Once they figure out how to do it right, everything works out.

Main Characters:

Shane Phillman (23) – Our Groom. A boy on the edge of becoming a man, determined to please Ivy, she's the girl for him. He's a practical laid-back dairy worker.

Ivy Summer (21) – Our Bride. Young looking for her age, the lack of experience in life shines through in her face. She loves Shane and trusts him.

Russ Calbert (23) – Shane's Best Man. A little ruff but a sweet-looking young man knows a lot off-beat historical-facts.

Evelyn El-bitch (22) – Ivy's Bridesmaid. A little on the heavier side but in good shape with a wit of attitude. Russ annoys her.

Walt Summer (47) – Ivy's Father. Dresses in casual dress slacks and polo style shirts. He's a protective Catholic father, who' open about sexuality.

Lilly Summer (45) – Ivy's Mother. A nicely dressed but on the seductive side with overdone makeup. Catholic, a bit of a drama queen, eccentric, open about sexuality, writes romantic novels and is all about romance.

Jess Phillman (50) – Shane's Father. Dressed wearing a shirt with a rude gesture, suspenders, and shorts. High tempered, rough around the edges but means well, practical, doesn't like Harry (the family dog) or Lilly.

Florence Phillman (45) – Shane's Mother. A simple woman wears her hair up in a bun. She takes things in stride.


A group of young adults wearing paintball gear stroll out into an arena, joking around.

SHANE PHILLMAN (23), a boy on the edge of becoming a man, flashes a sign during the paintball game. "Ivy, will you marry me." IVY SUMMER (21), what lack of experience in life she gains in her wit and charm, is so surprised that her paintball gun goes off and shoots Shane in the groin. Shane drops to the ground and screams in pain. Shane's best friend, can't resist making fun of Shane, being out of commission where sex is concerned. Shane divulges that Ivy won't have sex until after they're married.

When Shane and Ivy announce their engagement to Ivy’s parents, they so realize that they are not on board with their daughter, marrying SHANE. Ivy’s parents conspire to derail the wedding by imposing a laundry list of religious preconditions that Shane and Ivy will have to go through before they give their blessings.

With the help of Shane’s best friend, Shane convenes Ivy to elope to Vegas, telling her how romantic it will be and that they will not have to endure her parent's list of preconditions. Ivy is so excited when Shane tells her he is going to give her a fairy-tale wedding of her dreams.

With the help of Shane’s parents, Shane and Ivy manage to sneak away but when Ivy’s parents discover that they’ve eloped, they freak out and chase after them to Vegas.

During the road trip to Vegas, Shane takes a pee in a soda bottle instead of pulling the car over while Ivy sleeps. When Ivy wakes up from her nap, Shane saves her when she almost drinks out of the soda bottle. Ivy throws the soda bottle out of the car window, which bounces down the highway. Unaware that it hits the car behind them. It pops like a water balloon all over the vehicle. When Ivy reaches for a new soda from the back seat, she notices the guy in the car behind them, flipping them off and hocking. She asks Shane why and if they are going to slow?" Shane looks in the rearview mirror, "Yea, maybe." He floors the gas pedal.

Shane and Ivy’s choices for a hotel are limited. When they finally do find a room, the accommodations are non-existent. It’s the hotel from hell. The lamps and TV remote are screwed to the nightstands; the showerhead comes up to Shane’s chest so he has to take a shower on his knees. They complain to the hotel clerk the next morning. After they leave, the clerk hands the maid several plastic bags to stuff the mattress with.

The Soda Bottle Driver spots them as they pull out of the parking lot from the hotel and is chasing after them. Shane soon discovers that he isn’t the only one chasing after them. He spots Ivy's parents pulling into the marriage license parking lot as they leave. "Crap." Ivy is completely unaware of the posse chasing after them.

Shane looks for the perfect place to marry his bride; chapel after chapel, they go. Looking for that fairy-tale wedding. After seeing another couple get married in a Star Wars wedding theme, Ivy decides she wants to get married as Peterpan and Tinkerbelle. Shane is shocked, "I love you… But Peterpan and Tinkerbell?" But Ivy isn't backing down, "I don't know anyone who's ever done this before." Shane looks at the brochure, "Yeah, I can see why."

When they arrive at the chapel, Shane sees himself in the mirror dressed as Peterpan. He tells Ivy, "Nothing about this feels even remotely right." He takes Ivy’s hand, "I want to marry you but not like this." They decide to get married at home instead.

When they exit the chapel, they run right into Ivy's parents. Walt is shocked. "Dear God! Please tell me you didn't get married like that!" Shane and Ivy explain. Ivy’s mother gushes over Shane's willingness to marry Ivy, dressed as Peterpan and Tinkerbelle. All of a sudden, the Soda Bottle Driver charges up, mad as hell. He taps Shane on the chest with his finger. Next thing you know, there's a scuffle between them. Ivy and her mother notice the fight; they rush over to break it up.

The Minister, dress as Captain Hook, comes out of the chapel to see what all the ruckus is all about. He sees the fight, "Watch those two will be the ones who are married for fifty years. Talk about marital bliss."

Back at home at the local bar and grill, Shane explains what happened to his best friend. Ivy left with her parents and won't speak to him. Shane doesn't know what to do. With his best friend's help, Shane persuades Ivy to forgive him and marry him. They give in and go through with Ivy’s parents’ preconditions to a point.

A bachelor and bachelorette parties are held with more antics. The wedding is held at a small church. At the reception, they dance, and toasts are made.

Shane and Ivy open gifts. Walt and Lilly give them tickets to Disney Land! Ivy's best friend, Evelyn gives them the "Will You Marry Me" sign from the paintball game.

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